• When you need a sheet that can be versatile, this is the one you need.  The 10oz poly blend makes this sheet sturdy enough to withstand the roughest horse.  The sheet can act as a stall sheet or offer protection from the sun, and it's wicking abilities can make for a quick cool down time.  Standard features include a double darted rump for a secure fit, two ½ bias surcingle’s, and two buckle/billet front closures. Horse Blankets Made in the USA
  • Keeping in the tradition as one of the leading manufacturers of custom horse clothing we have put together these fashionable but functional cottons for day sheets. The unique colors and patterns will make a bold statement when your horse is stepping off the trailer or standing ringside. Standard features are a double darted rump for a more smooth and sleek appearance, two bias surcingles, two buckle and billet front closure. We chose "Birbone" to wear the # 3268 plaid with hunter trim and we added the white and yellow piping for a distinctive look. Horse Blankets Made in the USA
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