Sympatex Waterproof Blanket

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Integrity Linens also offers the Sympatex in a winter weight. We added 320 grams holifil insulation. We removed the cotton lining and added ripstop nylon.This combination provides maximum warmth and breathability while remaining waterproof. The blanket offers the same standard features as the Sympatex sheet.

Our favorite little guy ” Blake” is modeling the Sympatex sheet shown in black with kelly trim and white piping.

Horse Blankets Made in the USA

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How to Measure Your Horse and Dog

SizingThe fit of your blanket is extremely important to the comfort of your horse and dog. Improperly fitting blankets can cause rubbing and slippage.

To find blanket size, measure the distance from the center of the chest, across the point of the shoulder, and to the center of the tail.

Many blankets are sized in two or three inch increments, so choose the closest size available.